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off from the Ukrainian capital

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envoy Robert Serry Local 5 in Cleveland Mia "encounter armed threat" , but was not kidnapped. The news is being accessed Ukraine UN Deputy Secretary-General Eliasson 5, 2011 by the United Nations Headquarters in New York telephone connection revealed . Serry assigned by Eliasson , at the 4th set off from the Ukrainian capital Kiev arrived Crimea . Eliasson said, after the capital Serry arrived in Simferopol , Crimea , on the 5th to the local naval headquarters , was a group of 10-15 people amounting siege by unidentified armed men . These staff will be in high-risk car  nike kobe 8 cheap   surrounded Serry , warned him an immediate end to the Crimea inspections , leaving the Crimea . Eliasson said Serry refused requirements of these officers , but he could not drive away , so decided to walk back to the hotel , and seek help local people . Eliasson said , just plug in a report from a local coffee shop to call the situation to him , he is currently " good condition ." Eliasson Serry did not disclose more details of this gang of unidentified persons , such as these people are saying Ukrainian or Russian . " Kyiv Post" on the 5th earlier quoted sources in the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine reported that Serry " kidnapped by a group of armed men ," but reporters noticed relevant reports have now been removed. Currently, from the British Independent Television News reporter claims and plug in together, adding that Serry was also where the cafe was under siege " unidentified " persons. News The reporter refers Serry issued by the end of the Crimea forced inspections , on their way to the airport. The United Nations has not yet been confirmed for this part of the progress of events . Eliasson reiterated in a telephone connection , the parties sure to keep 


calm, exercise restraint and seek to resolve the current crisis through dialogue and peaceful means . Eliasson and plug in the main task is to assess the security situation in Ukraine , to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- Wen Wei Po . Eliasson plans to end the 6th visit to Ukraine . South African " Blade Runner " , Paralympic champion Oscarshot his girlfriend into the third day of the trial the case of the 5th . After a day of the incident came to light was Zhonglin Ju morning after the first shot quarrel famous boxer friend has been revealed once shot a month before the incident at the restaurant and find another friend fucking . The trial began on the 5th to the third witness Charles Johnson's cross-examination began , but insisted that theneighbors heard the woman's screams first and cry for help , after hearing the gunshots . He said he received a number of threats to SMS, he also read some of the court .lawyer Barry Lu told the court his suspicion that Charles Johnson and his wife , the first witness in the case of Michelle Berg too similar statements , credibility is not high . For Barry Lu blindly entangled , the trial judgealso expressed dissatisfaction : " ? You can not stray nike kobe 7 for sale      so far it " In this regard , Lu desperate Barry said: " ! A man's life is at stake ." Prosecutor Geli Ai Neill then feint , please visit the January 2013 shooting of restaurants along with a witness . This is alsofour sins were accused of the crime with weapons fire in a public place . Nell 's goal is clear , that is, before the conclusion of the final homicide made to give the judge a violentcrazy , out of control of their behavior easily impressed . As witnesses of the fourth is a former professional boxer Kevin Le Ruina , he was in January 2013 that an eyewitness from the restaurant shootings . At that time , he and two friends andArchie


沙in Melrose restaurant for lunch , and suddenly they heard a gunshot under the table , more than 200 people dining in the restaurant were very surprised . Even more disturbing is that the table next to them , as well as teenage children. in court , said: "I do not know the reasons for his shot , but it does have a gun under the table at that time ."then hurried to the table with a friend to apologize and put the gun to his friend up Len Feileisike . Accordingmemories,was so and said: . " I beg you , Darren , say your grab , I do not want people to notice me ." Later Feileisike fucking stand up , saying the gun fall from his trouser pockets , resulting in a fire , nothing will matter later . Let Le Ruina this thing in a long time are in shock, because at that time the bullets and shell casings were rubbed into his toes. Because nothing essential to the hospital for treatment , he did not care too much . Until a month later aftershot his girlfriend , he fishes the media talking about this . Subsequently , the prosecutor Nell also requested a fifth witness , also the owner of this restaurant Jasonand wife Maria . According to them identified, that shot hit the floor in the dining room of a hole , then indeed bear responsibility Feileisike succeed . Jasonin court , said the restaurant was quiet after the gunshots , he was surprised, nike kobe 7 cheap  wentthe desk to ask what happened. "They all looked at me , and then Mr. Feileisike say" I'm sorry , Jason , my gun fell out of his pants , "and" Jasonsaid. 6,killing his girlfriend Liwa · Kirsten Kemp will continue to hear the case , and his neighbors are expected to continue to testify , to restore to the court early in the morning the day of the incident, they heard , or experienced some things . In one scene onlyalive , the circumstantial evidence of the award will be a 

RT will not be forced to obey

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on , even if it makes her lose their jobs . Media executives said will not punish After Martin's remarks were broadcast , and quickly became a hot topic . 4 , RT official statement to the media , not punish Martin . "RT will not be forced to obey their own reporter . They can freely express their views , not just in private , you can also in the program " RT side said . But this official statement to the media, also said that, given the current state of Martin mentioned deep understanding of the Crimea , so will send her to the Crimea , to give her a chance to know the story of theair jordan 12 retro   most central areas . Martin rejected the company's beginning this arrangement , but then she has been a change of attitude , said it would reconsider the proposed RT . Find the right balance between relations with the West and Russia , the Ukraine has been one of the central foreign policy challenge . All along, the Ukrainian leaders seek to have it both ways : while developing relations with the United States , the European Union and NATO , while try to keep a stable bilateral relations with Russia . 1990s , Kiev efforts to achieve this balance . It is the initial contact with the West 's footsteps seem less critical threat to Russia's interests . Boris Yeltsin acknowledged Ukraine 's status as an independent country. However , Vladimir Putin is not Yeltsin , Russia today is not the 1990s Russia. Now the Russian president wanted to stop Ukraine from his side slip too far away from the West too . Moscow, Kiev has a huge influence, and it is ready to use this influence . Putin on February 26 very untimely suddenly ordered military exercises is not an encouraging sign was held on the 27th , the 28th in the progress of events in Crimea same no. After 1991, the Soviet Union, Ukraine has once again become an independent state. Although a small part of the blood of Ukrainian nationalists want Russia to completely disappear, but parted ways with Russia at that time was not a realistic option. The Soviet system of Ukraine and the Russian economy so that completely intertwined. Ukraine 's energy sector i


s still heavily dependent on Russian gas needed in the oil and nuclear reactor fuel rods . Historical and cultural origins of the two countries will also be bundled together. In the 350 years prior to 1991 , the Ukraine, most of the time have all been part of the Russian Empire. Very difficult to completely break up . A senior Russian diplomat told me in 1994 : "In here ( he pointed to his head ) , I understand that Russia is an independent country , but here ( he points to his heart ) , I still need more time to agree with that . " This sentiment , coupled with the Russian nationalist claims on Crimea , Ukraine leaders make the overbearing neighbors feel worried . Kiev deliberately to establish relations with the West , Russia's influence as a balancing force . Mid-1990s, the Ukrainian government to reach a strategic relationship with the United States , signed a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with the EU , and joined the NATO partnership program . This gives Ukraine has brought tangible benefits. U.S. involvement in Russia, Ukraine , the United States trilateral dialogue , contributed to the territory of Ukraine 2000 will be shipped out of the agreement in the country of nuclear weapons , and the condition of the Ukrainian derive more favorable than bilateral negotiations air jordan 28 for sale   with Russia to get. Warming relations between Ukraine and NATO are prompted Moscow to begin to resolve the problem created on the Black Sea Fleet base in long- existing differences between Russia and Ukraine in the Crimea . In the late 1990s , when he was President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma 's foreign policy is often described himself as a "multi- vector " diplomacy , which is simultaneously developing relations with Russia, Europe and the United States . Russian officials seem to Ukraine was facing the West " vector " is more tolerable . Kuchma expressed interest in joining the EU , but the prospects at the time obviously not soon be able to achieve. For NATO , Kiev is seeking to cooperate rather than to become a member . In 1999 NATO meeting, the smartest strategic thinkers Ukrainia


n National Security and Defense Council Secretary Volodymyr Gore Brin NATO "open door " policy of gratitude . Gore Brin hinted that Ukraine will eventually desire to join NATO , but this option is currently out of reach, unless one day be able to get the support of NATO's most elite and the people of Ukraine . As for Russia , the country in the 1990s, most of the time are in chaos. Yeltsin makes many things easier. Capricious as ever - despite the Ukrainian leader Yeltsin seemed very impatient , but he recognized the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine , as well as diplomatic autonomy accompanied born . ( December 1991 , Yeltsin , together with the President of Ukraine and Belarus issued a statement declaring the Soviet Union, and the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States . ) By the late 1990s, the world has undergone great changes . Western Ukraine , " vector " to become stronger. In 2000 , Putin replaced Yeltsin became Russia's president. Putin has his own ambitions. He does not seek to rebuild the Soviet Union , even though he once called the Soviet Union the 20th century, the greatest geopolitical catastrophe . Although he may harbor sentimental Soviet Union , but after all he is a pragmatist . Putin wants is a sphere of influence, in his words , this is an important aspect of Moscow 's great power status . He hoped that the neighboring countries to comply with Russia's interests on major issues . With historical ties with Russia national scale and perspective, Ukraine is the main objective air jordan 4 retro  of these countries . Putin has tried ( although so far not been successful ) to allow Ukraine to join the Moscow -led customs union including Belarus and Kazakhstan , including . Ukraine 's Westward Movement for Putin's geopolitical structure poses a great challenge. At the same time , Putin has been working in the domestic political base to show their national interests as a strongman and protector side. "Lost " Ukraine will undermine the carefully erected image. Therefore, for Ukraine to strengthen the West " vector " efforts , Putin and Yeltsin different

secretly recorded conversation with

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politics . The famous French political satire publication "duck Ming Daily" published on the 5th of this recording text Record . Sarkozy served as adviser Patrick Buisson in February 2011 secretly recorded conversation with a tape recorder at the scene of a meeting of the presidential palace , while Sarkozy knew nothing . News website " Atlantic ( 600558 , stock it )" (Atlantico) also published online another section of the same source recording . In  nike kobe 7 cheetah  these recordings , the participants Sarkozy and his special adviser Patrick Buisson , Henry Kayi Nuo , a public relations consultant Frank Loof Shourie and other government reorganization and discuss personnel issues was forthcoming . Meanwhile , Sarkozy on several ministerial officials more than a contemptuous of speech, but also the media reporters "poison tongue" comment. After the news came to light , " victim " Patrick Buisson through his lawyer issued a statement admitted several times to the Elysee Palace for recording conversations . But he said the excuse for his behavior, he can not do the participants in the written notes , recordings designed to help prepare for future meetings . Often these recordings will be destroyed in batches in a timely manner , unless someone maliciously steal for Ungraded he . Some media commented that this " explosive" sensationalism news is not that the exposure of the conversation itself, but the president was secretly recorded conversations consultant in France is still such a thing unprecedented . Another report quoted political commentator saying that this matter in France have never been described as an inverted "Watergate " because the president is one of us . " Eavesdropping ." Matter in French politics is tantamount to cast a "blockbuster ." One of the parties involved in recording the meeting , another consultant Henry Kayi Nuo Sarkozy said that this is indeed a betrayal of trust , unacceptable , it feels like being a "rape ." He also revealed that Sarkozy I also feel that " being betrayed " and deeply "angry ." Former French Prime Minister Raffarin rage in the media such


 behavior is "extreme violence " and called to take legal means to fight back . Former Minister of the Interior declared that Aung cover , as far as he was aware of these meetings has never been an official record of the practice , which he was "shocked " and " disappointed ." Leftist camp for "Recording door " is also critical. De Qier first secretary of the Socialist Party , said Sarkozy's reign reflected the content of the image recording was "totally negative harmful ." He also advocates should sue Sarkozy and build up a special committee in parliament , such behavior " prejudice state functions " of the investigation. The Secret of the media 's "Atlantic" site founder Phil Ru said that for Sarkozy , the greatest danger lies Patrick Buisson , because he still holds a lot of sound recordings during the previous government . A spokesman for Russia's Strategic Rocket Forces Yegorov said that the Russian Ministry E Xinan located near the Caspian Sea, Astrakhan Kapustin Yar firing range test-fired a "Topol " RS-12M intercontinental ballistic missile , Kazakhstan range missile accurately hit the target . Russian media quoted a senior Russian military official as saying that the tests " Topol" intercontinental ballistic missile is intended to test the missile payload and the ability to  nike kobe 8 mens break the missile defense system. Reuters reported that the Russian missile test positive US-Russian relations strained due to the Ukrainian crisis , triggering the parties concerned. For Russia's missile tests , the United States government to be a low-key response. Hayden White House National Security Council spokesman said in a statement that this is a routine missile test activities in Russia , and the United States received the Russian advance notification , "This advance notification is to create transparency , confidence and predictability , help both sides to avoid misunderstandings . " Russian strategic rocket troops currently has about 500 different types of intercontinental ballistic missiles , including about 300 "Topol RS-12M" intercontinental ballistic 


missile. This missile has a range of 10,000 km . It flies fast, strong anti-interference and penetration ability . Russia and Ukraine began ministerial consultations Meanwhile, Ukrainian Prime Minister Jacek nyuk 4 , said the ministerial consultations between Ukraine and Russia has begun. Although Ukraine and Russia ministerial consultations conducted very boring now , but the first step has been taken . He again called for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine . But Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on the 5th , no Russian troops in the Crimea . Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also said that day , dressed in unmarked uniforms , guards Crimean Russian government agencies are not , but self-defense organization Crimean residents, does not accept the Russian command. He stressed that Russia will do everything possible to prevent bloodshed. According to Xinhua News Agency Russian media said the Russian government approved host program 3, 2009, Russian state media " Russia Today " (RT) is a moderator in the program suddenly "rare" to condemn the Russian government 's policy on the Crimea , causing concern. Said, " do not justify aggression ." "Although I work for the RT , but that does not mean I do not have to edit independence ." Local 3, hostess RT America channel a show Abby Martin, the program draws to a close suddenly and said, " I can not emphasize how strongly I oppose any state interference in other countries affairs . " Martin said," Russia has done is wrong . " " I   air jordan 10 mens admit, I Ukrainian history and culture of the region's dynamic enough to understand , but I know that a military intervention will never solve the problem , I will not sit here and defend military aggression ." Martin said on the show. Martin is an American , she says, she will usually go to the rally to protest military intervention , so she felt " a moral obligation " to speak their opini

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